Dear prospective APUSH IS Students: Please review the following before finalizing your decision to take AP US History as an independent study.


Independent Study Reminders:

  1. APUSH is NOT a course this year but an independent study taken in addition to Honors. I will not be teaching content, testing or correcting; my role is solely APUSH IS advisor. We will meet bi-weekly during flex for pacing/skill guidance and student collaboration. You will receive IS credit upon review of your portfolio. Please see your guidance councilor for further information about independent study requirements.


  1. Students who score a 3 or better on the AP exam will receive AP weight for the Honors class.


  1. At the end of the first quarter we will review your portfolio. The purpose of this is to determine IS progress and reevaluate the decision to enroll if necessary. Those students who choose to withdraw will not have WF on their report card.


Your dedication to learning content independently, peer collaboration and time management is as crucial as skill development for success. I commend you for taking on this challenge and will offer my first piece of advice: Start the summer assignment today!

If you have any questions feel free to email - I check almost every day.

Mrs. Pataky