Declaration SignersJefferson's Declaration approved by Congress


Reflect on the following quotes from In Our Own Words and respond to each. What does Thacher reveal about the social and political mood of the colonies on the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

"When we reflect on the deranged condition of our army, the great deficiency of our resources, and the little prospect of foreign assistance, and at the same time contemplate the prodigious powers and resources of our enemy, we may view this measure of Congress as a prodigy."
"If the grievances justified our taking up arms, they justified our separation; if they did not justify our separation, neither could they justify our taking arms. "
"All Europe was interested in reducing us as rebels, and all Europe, or the greater part at least, is interested in supporting us in our independent state. At home our condition was still worse; our currency had no foundation; and the state of it would have ruined whig and tory alike. We had no other laws than a kind of moderated passion; no other civil power than an honest mob; and no other protection than the temporary attachment of one man to another."
"Mr. Harrison, a delegate from Virginia, is a large portly man - Mr. Gerry of Massachusetts is slender and spare. A little time after the solemn transaction of signing the instrument, Mr. Harrison said smilingly to Mr. Gerry, "When the hanging scene comes to be exhibited, I shall have the advantage over you, on account of my size. All will be over with me in a moment, but you will be kicking in the air half an hour after I am gone."