CAPT Outline

The CAPT test is a personal letter and should look like oneYou can use “I” – “me” – and “we.”  You must use information from all given sources and choose a clear position on the subject being discussed.  You are asking your audience to do something so be clear, polite, and persuasive.

1.           Dear ___________________:

2.           Introductory Paragraph – this paragraph has background information for your argument.  Key facts including numbers and statistics should be taken from the readings and placed in the introduction:

For Example – “According to the National Survey on Recreation and the Environment, the number of Americans driving off-road vehicles (ORVs) increased from 19.4 million in 1983 to 27.9 million in 1995” (1).

The Thesis must be found here:

   “I respectfully implore you to please limit the use of recreational vehicles on our public lands

3.           First Body Paragraph – there is rarely enough information in the CAPT reading to break your argument into more than two paragraphs.  Be sure to speak to your letter’s audience; as always, start with a strong topic sentence. In the body paragraphs support your thesis with evidence from the readings.  Be sure to properly set-up your quotes:

Evidence Example – Representative Pataky, Russel Long, executive director of Bluewater Network, a coalition of environmental groups, said, “A modern snowmobiles emits roughly 225 times the hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides of a modern car” (2).

4.           Second Body Paragraph – this paragraph must have evidence as well.  The evidence should be properly set up.  Also  to be sure they know that you are serious and mean business.  It helps make your letter persuasive:

For example – “Ms Pataky, please realize how serious the use of ATVs impacts public lands.

5.           Conclusion – this is your time to be sure your argument is clear.  Be sure to reinforce your thesis. And remember to address your audience in this paragraph too:

For example – Representative Pataky, it is not too late and now is the time for you to take active steps to limit the use of recreational vehicles on public lands. I hope you to look into this urgent issue”

·         Save a key piece of evidence for the conclusion.

6.           Thank you for your time and consideration,