Civics - September 2008


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Welcome Class of 2009!

  • Review Course/Class Expectations
  • Citizenship Test

HW: Write 6-8 questions you have about American government.

Think about the key ideas / concepts that YOU think an American citizen should know to participate in our democracy. Be as specific as possible.

2. Get a 3-ring binder for civics.



3 (A) 4 (B)

Quick HW Check -- How did you do?

1. Pair-Share Activity: With table partners,  share questions created, identify the most important questions in your group and discuss/list what citizens really should know to participate in American democracy. 

Group lists will be turned in.


2. What do the ideological terms mean (liberal, conservative, libertarian, etc)? Why does the linear political spectrum really not work? Why the 2-dimensional scale?

Political Ideology Activity

5 (A)


  8 (B)

What have you learned about your emerging political ideology?

How do your political views match 2008 presidential candidates and political parties?

Vote Match 

HW: Blog Entry  All postings Due Friday

Political Compass Link for blog assignment.

Blog Response Rubric

9 (A) 10 (B)

Vote Match






11 (A) 12 (B)

Young Voters Page

Assignment for Young Voters

Your log in for ABCCLIO:

Username: mercurio

Password: merklhs


HW: Finish for Tuesday

  15 16  Business lab 105

Executive Branch

Powers reserved for the President?

Vice President?

Who are the Vice Presidential Candidates?

Go to Women Against Sara Palin: - Read through the blog comments post if you feel compelled take notes on the issues being raised are they valid? Agree disagree? Find a site that supports her and compare valid? Agree/disagree?


HW: Who is Joe Biden? Research pro/con your thoughts?


17 18


  • Civic Duty (Young Voters)
  • Executive Branch: Thoughts on the current candidates?
  • Politics and popular culture


September 29, 2008 Cover

  22 Continue w/ Executive Branch:

Who can be President?

Should the qualifications to become president be changed?

The United States Constitution: Article II; Section 1 (excerpts)'

The Presidency: Unofficial Requirements

Biographies of American presidents

HW: Wiki discussion

23 24

Continue w/ Executive Branch:


Comparative Politics

25 26

Comparative Politics


HW: Political  Debate Evaluation Assignment

You must view and respond to tonight's presidential debate! If you are going to the dance then record and watch over the weekend.

Debate posted on youtube:

  29 30

Discuss comparative politics and the presidential debate. To what extent did the candidates represent their party platform?


1 2  Extended project proposal due!

Politics and Popular Culture

Debate Tonight - same activity sheet!

After viewing the 2008 presidential and vice-presidential debates:

Compare the questions asked in 1960, and the questions asked in 2008. How are they similar? How are they different? How have our expectations of candidates changed since 1960?