Noted in grade book by instructor


“No Assignment” Sheet


Instructions:  This sheet must be completely filled out when you do not turn in an assignment on the day that it is due.  You will receive it back from your instructor.  You must attach it to the back of the assignment if you do turn in the assignment on a later date, when applicable.



Name:  _________________________________________________

Date:  ______________

Hour:  ______________


ASSIGNMENT NAME:  ___________________________________________________


Please check the appropriate box as to why your assignment will not be handed in today:


q      I forgot to do it.

q      I did it and forgot it at home. (I’ll bring it tomorrow for late credit.)

q      I did it and lost it.

q      I chose not to do it.

q      I was absent on the day it was assigned.  (Did you check with your Makeup Work Partner?!)

q      Other:  Please explain in detail the reason for not handing it in…



To make sure that this does not happen again, I will ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Student Signature:  ______________________________________________