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20th Century Time Line

20th Century Cultural History Time Line

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Review of the Cold War

Music and Politics: 1950s - Today

50s, 60s, or 70s Key people/events

1960s-80s slang


The A-Bomb Debate:

The Manhattan Project

Albert Einstein's Letter

To Drop (1) (2)or Not to Drop?  

The Atomic Bomb: The Decision

"Statement by the President of the United States," ca. August 6, 1945

Voices of A-bomb survivors

Duck and Cover Video!

View the Atomic Cafe You Tube

The Atomic Cafe was  released in 1982, its producers spent years toiling over Government A-bomb test and propaganda films, military training films, news reel footage, radio broadcasts, and other sources, to come up with one of the most chilling, and hilarious, movies ever made.

With  no narration other than that provided by historical clips, this movie explores the Cold War Nuclear fears of the 1940s -50s


1950s:: Cold War fear, conformity, and the American Dream

Leave It to Beaver





50s Slang (funny!)

50s literature and Culture

Civil Rights Movement

Beat Generation


Cold War (Korea) CNN




1960s Civil Rights (You Tube)

CNN Vietnam

The 60s Project: Vietnam Primary Docs

Vietnam Power Point


Hard Hat Riots

Nixon - Elvis Meeting

Nixon Resignation Letter

Kent State Victim Claims Evidence of Order to Fire 

by David Schaper 

Students give first aid to a fellow student shot and wounded by Ohio National Guardsmen

War protest 60s -70s powerpoint