Individual research requirements (2-3 pages MAX due 6/5)

Intro: How does your group theme reflect the PERSIA climate Cold War? [you must include dates]

Thesis: Of the PERSIA events within the years your group covered, which is the most significant? Least? [classic "although" or "despite" position] Argue why.

Support: Use the topics assigned to you specifically plus (at least) 2 outside sources to support your position.

Conclusion: include the short and long term political, social, economic and cultural effects on US History/society.

Evidenced used to support: minimum 5 from a variety of sources (depending on your assigned topics you will use art/music/film/literature/fashion/newspapers/photos as well as traditional documents) at least 3 of your sources will be  primary documents from the period.

I can't make this any easier folks...


Numeric Value







5 (8-9)

4 (6-7)

3 (4-5)



Argument: Clear, well-developed thesis; addresses complexity of question

Thesis is well-developed and clearly focused; acknowledges the complexity of the question itself

Thesis must be consistent and controlled; may not be as focused as in top category

Limited or partially developed thesis which addressed question somewhat

Confused, unsupported, poorly developed thesis

No thesis or an irrelevant one

Critical Thought: Analysis clearly supports thesis and main ideas; discussion of conflicting evidence

In-depth analysis clearly supports thesis and main ideas

Strong analysis in most areas; needs more

More descriptive than analytic; may not discuss entire question

Limited understanding of question; ineffective or inaccurate analysis

Inadequate or inaccurate understanding of question

Evidence: Logical and balanced; displays sophisticated knowledge of subject

Substantial use of evidence throughout

Strong use of evidence, may lack balance

Contains some evidence, needs more

Lacks evidence to support main ideas

Facts not specific, relevant, or accurate

Writing Style: Organization; clarity; mechanical skill

Must be well-organized and well-written; cogent

Clearly organized and written; not exceptional but logical

Acceptable organization and writing

Weak organization and writing

Disorganized and poorly written