HUSH Theme II:  Promoting the Ideal

The "Indian Problem": Cultural Misunderstanding and the American Ideal

"We have a government that took our land and our children and physically and emotionally abused them and forced them to assimilate into something that they're not," said Francis, an accounting consultant by trade and a longtime activist for American Indian causes. "We - I -live with the pain of that every day. And for this they issue a bunch of words, empty like their treaties, that mean nothing and nobody hears."


Your Task:

Use your knowledge of the American ideals and federal Indian policy, from the Northwest Ordinance through the Dawes Act to determine to what extent the  Resolution of  Apology  is simply an extension of the late 18th early 19th  century US Assimilation and Removal Policies.

You must encompass cultural misunderstanding  and the American Ideal; compulsory removal and assimilation Acts of the late 18th early 19th  centuries, relevant Supreme Court decisions/ federal treaties, Indian Wars, the American Indian boarding schools and 20th century voices of Native American people.


 "It is not necessary, 
that eagles should be crows."
..Sitting Bull (Teton Sioux)