HUSH Notes 10/27/11

Main Reasons America won the Revolutionary War:

Class List/Brainstorm:

·         Home field advantage

·         Passion

·         Guerilla tactics

·         Frontiersman

·         Confidence

·         Von Steuban

·         Innovative medicine

·         Weapons

·         France

·         Leadership

·         Frontier War

·         Declaration of Independence /Freedom

How Americans were able to win the Revolutionary War

Strategy 1: Innovative fighting methods

Tactics used: guerrilla warfare, frontier war, new weapons, spy network

Possible use of “unorthodox” as a strategy instead?

Strategy 2: Motivate soldiers/give them a reason to fight

Tactics: Declaration of Independence, disciplined training, confidence, opportunity to rise is rank/status, freedom itself

Strategy 2: Two front war (?) Does this work as a strategy? Yes. Can we add more tactics?

Tactic: French Alliance,


Which strategy used was the most crucial for victory?

Do you see where I am going with this in terms of preparing to write a persuasive essay with complex thesis???