Theme III: Redefining the Ideal

EQ: How and why do societies change?

Complete Mini Essay from class:

  1. To what extent did the post WWI shift in US governmentís role in business and political policy affect the social mores of the 1920ís? Note: You may write this as an article or editorial for your 20s magazine - or - as a formal essay. Either way, you must take a position and support with evidence from the unit.


Take-Home Essay: MLA format (deviation = loss of 10 points)!

  1. Identify THREE of the following New Deal measures and analyze the ways in which each of the three attempted to fashion a more stable economy and a more equitable society. Agricultural Adjustment Act Securities and Exchange Commission Wagner National Labor Relations Act Social Security Act. Take a position  and support with evidence from the unit. 2 pages Max
  2. Use the above plus two other programs from FDR's recovery plan as models to propose a New Deal for the 21st century.  Create reform measures that address the current economic crisis and propose a plan with a clear/arguable thesis and relevant evidence to back your claim. 2-3 Pages