"Reason is the Greatest Enemy that Faith has."

Martin Luther

The Power of the Individual

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95 Thesis (easy button)


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Renaissance Art Analysis


How the transition from medieval to modern is reflected in the works of the great artists and literary figures of the era.

How humanism affected arts and literature in Italy in the 14th and 15th centuries.

U: That Renaissance art is both religious and  humanist.

D: Identify elements of humanism in renaissance art

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Renaissance Art Continued

  1. Quiz: Humanism/Art/Renaissance Man criteria

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel

  1. Close analysis of The Last Judgment using 3 of the individuals/biblical scenes referenced in the overview.

Complete the following for each of your 3 chosen scenes

  • Brief description

2.      Over-all response to Michelangelo’s  Sistine Chapel

    • Historical significance/place in Renaissance history?
    • Why Controversial?

Finish For Homework!

US Declaration of Independence 12 13 14 15 16


A Child' s Machiavelli, 1995-1998: Interesting spin on The Prince




Christian Humanism

HW: Read the linked background information on Christian Humanism.

In your notes:

  • Define Christian Humanism
  • Compare to Italian Humanism
  • Significance of Erasmus, Martin Luther, and John Calvin in relation to Church reform


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Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation


HW:  Rewrite intro and thesis. Bring 1st draft to class with your rewrite. If you did not write the 1st draft you will hand this is in and write the essay as we revise.

Revision Power Point

Writing Advice - rewrites due Monday

Scientific Revolution Imagery

Greek - Galileo Science

Greek Science Resources

Medieval Science

From Homer to Vesalius (Great site)

Medieval Cosmology  


Writing Workshop

Bring a 1.5 or 2 inch binder to class Wednesday - binder will remain in the classroom and house all writing assignments.

HW: Create precision charts (see format below and PowerPoint for review) for your intro and body paragraphs. Organize your charts by paragraph.


Chart Format:

  1. Identify the unexamined phrase(s)


500 CE to 1500,

Chaos and Confusion

Roman Empire

Middle Ages


Consider and answer the following:

Who or What?

Why significant?





For yor introduction: How the above applies will lead to your position on the topic.


Body Paragraphs: How the above applies will support your position.


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Part I: Writing Workshop

Part II: Reformation


HW: Rewrite Paper - all drafts/outlines due.

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