Western Humanities A

Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam

The Emergence of the Modern West

Unit Purpose: To recognize and evaluate the influence of classical ideals on emerging modern western culture.


Unit Essential Question: Were the ideals embraced by an emerging modern European society the result of innovation in a new age or simply imitation of classical thought?

March 2010






Unit III


Renaissance Love Songs

 Selection of Renaissance Music

Songs of the Troubadours  

Medieval and Renaissance Music Homepage

Online Scholarly Primary Sources Great sources here

The Code of Chivalry

Knighthood, Chivalry and Tournaments


1 CAPT Begins


Seminar/Essay Prep


  • Thesis Statements: Writing the complex thesis statement (this will also serve as your seminar position)







CAPT Testing


Note: Common errors identified in CAPT 1st drafts that you MUST not repeat on the actual test:


  1. Take a position! "Hoping" or "sharing" is not persuasive! What you want to happen rather than what you wish would happen.

  1. Addressing the wrong audience (?!) or creating one that is either random or annoying (sometimes both...) - this detracts from your argument and distracts the reader.

  1. Address the audience without repeating the same thing over and over: "Mr. Smith" leads all paragraphs. You must switch it up! Example: "As you can see Mr. Smith..."

  2. Note the docs!

  3. Be nice! Your tone should be pleasant rather than accusatory! Avoid negative "you" statements.


With that said...Good luck and stay focused!


4 5

Socratic Seminar

Required Materials:

  • Thesis  Statement
  • 3 supporting quotes with the cited documents 
  • 1 opposing quote with the cited documents 

HW: Intro with Thesis

HW: outline of 3 body paragraphs:

  • topic sentence;
  • 3 supporting details (you may bullet)
  • 1 supporting  quote (cite)


  How to Read a Painting


Essay editing symbols with examples and corrections

8 9

Writing Workshop:

How to construct a complex thesis statement


  • Rewrite your thesis statement
  • Write/rewrite your introduction
  • Create topic sentences for your body paragraphs




Essay Due


  1. Finish background reading in-class doc and qs
16 17


How was the transition from medieval to modern reflected in the emergence of a powerful merchant class?

From medieval trade fairs to political and economic influence/dominance

  • Trade Fair Simulation


  1. Read attached document and take notes on the terms/topics in BOLD. Notes should include:
  • Term definitions (Example: What is a charter? )
  • Significance in relation to the development of the merchant class.  (Example: why was the 3-field system important for the growth of the merchant class?)


18 19

Trade Fair Simulation Part II

HW: Simulation Response


Renaissance Art 


Medieval and Renaissance Music


Medieval Source Book: Renaissance Docs


Renaissance and Baroque Architecture


More Links:

History Study Center -- (password: welcome)

Eye Witness to History


Euro Docs

Turning the Pages: Manuscripts


The Getty (Art Museum)


Labyrinth Links


UC Berkeley Library


Teacheroz (many renaissance links)

Learner.org renaissance related sources


Tudor England Primary Docs


Letter's written by Queen Elizabeth --

Tudor England


Medieval and Renaissance food recipes


Michelangelo Great Site!









Trade Fair Assessment





Transition from Medieval to Renaissance: How did the rise of the Fourth Estate (The Merchant Class) affect Medieval Europe's political, social, religious and economic structure and traditions?

Intro Renaissance




Transition from Medieval to Renaissance: How did the rise of the Fourth Estate (The Merchant Class) affect Medieval Europe's political, social, religious and economic structure and traditions?

  •  Medici

View The Medici: God Fathers of the Renaissance


  • How accepted beliefs were challenged during the period

U: That the Medici family exemplify the merchant class' growth in power and influence  as well as promote emerging artists and  intellectuals


HW: Add relevant information from the documentary to the comparison chart provided in class.



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