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June 2010

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End of year project: Who is Western Man?

Big Picture Category List



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HW: The Enlightentment Thinkers Documents and Qs

See Timeline Model:



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Class discuss: What is Enlightenment?

How does it reflect the teachings/discoveries of the Scientific Revolution?

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Rewrites Due Today

Timeline part 1 due

Course Reflection

HW: Timeline part 2: your "Who is Western Man" choice. At least 2 examples with brief bio for each unit studied. 



The Enlightentment Thinkers Documents and Qs

Philosophs to Know:  Philosoph Chart


  14 Timeline due! Print a hard copy and email to my school account.

Enlightened Cafe' at Salon de Mercurio

Salon Topic:

"Who is Western Man?"

Be prepared to argue your case. Enlighten us!

Final Exam Guide


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