The Age of Reason 1648-1815

Innovation or Imitation?

Picture of Galileo using telescope.

The Scientific Revolution and The Enlightenment

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HW: Work Cited Corrections Due Thursday.

Bring all essay drafts to class Thursday!

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  1. The Protestant Reformation:

HW: Martin Luther: Ambiguous or Misunderstood?




The Protestant Reformation: Was Martin Luther's message ambiguous or was he misunderstood?

HW: Finish 95 theses 12 Article comparison (you should have at least 3)and write a one paragraph response for each of the following:

How did Luther's 95 Theses become a justification and demand for social and political reform when the original intention was strictly associated with the corruption of the Catholic Church? Why is it important to know the intended audience and purpose of historical documents in relation to the content studied?

Note: Test Monday

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  17 Renaissance and Reformation Test 18 Test Today 19 20  Rise of Absolutism

Absolute Power and Divine Right of Kings.

Focus: Early Monarchies

HW: Scientific Revolution Reading

Reading Assignment


Period 1:

HW: Finish

Scientific Revolution Reading

Reading Assignment



Period 4:



Scientific Revolution Reading

Reading Assignment



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Period 1: Rewrites due Wednesday

Period 4: Time-line due Wednesday:

Add political, social, and cultural events to Scientific Revolution time line.


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Class discuss: What is Enlightenment? How does it reflect the teachings/discoveries of the Scientific Revolution?


HW: The Enlightentment Thinkers Documents and Qs

End of year project: Who is Western Man?

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