Western Humanities Academic 2010

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  1 Review Mid Term 2

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Writing in the Social Studies:

  • Review Grade 9 folders. Identify areas of strength/growth in grade 9 and areas a weakness/continued struggle.
  • Review Grade 10 Writing Standards
  • Create a writing goal for grade 10: By the end of grade 10 I will be able to...I chose this area because...
  • Picture/document analyis:  Medieval Universities and Education with your group (finish the qs for HW -  you will need the docs to support the HW question)


Respond to the following question in a well-written paragraph.  (15 Points)

What lasting influences did medieval cathedral schools and monasteries have on higher education in the West?

Please type and double-space your response.  Use the proper heading (MLA style) at the top of the page and review the linked tutorial before you write.

Medieval University Slide Show


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Writing in the Social Studies:

  • Paragraph Structure and Development


HW: CAPT Letter with outline  and self assessment due.

  8 9 Writing workshop:

paragraph development

HW: Revise paragraph. You must turn the original in with the revise to receive credit for the paragraph.

Study for plague quiz.

Plague Power point for review

Review Notes/Outline



11  Quiz: Cause/Effect of the Black Plague


Essay I: Outline Due 2-17

      17 Writing Assignment Due (outline only)


HW: Rewrite CAPT essay - use exemplar as a model! Follow the self-assessment map - check-off each required component when you use it.

Prepare for Unit II Socratic Seminar -- Please see the note attached - the seminar is postponed but you are still required to bring in documents.

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Seminar/Essay Prep:

HW: Finish in-class writing activity: You must write 3 embedded quotes that could be used to support your claim. (1each for top two; 1 for the last choice)

Write a lead that demonstrates validity of the source, follow with quote, end with how and why this information is significant by tying back to claim.

Period 4: You must also rewrite your medieval university paragraph





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Period 2: ATV CAPT Practice

ATV Graphic Organizer (due with essay)

Period 4: Cell Phone CAPT

Cell Phone Graphic Organizer (due with essay)


2 and 4: Your Homework is Due Thursday - with or without school. Email by Thursday's class period and bring hard copies to class

25 26

CAPT Essays Due Today


HW: Rewrites

Period 4: Rewrite ATV/Complete Cell phone CAPT