Primavera by Sandro Botticelli

The Emergence of the Modern West

Unit Purpose: To recognize and evaluate the influence of classical ideals on emerging modern western culture.

Unit Essential Question: Were the ideals embraced by an emerging modern European society the result of innovation in a new age or simply imitation of classical thought?



Transition from Medieval to Renaissance: How did the rise of the Fourth Estate (The Merchant Class) affect Medieval Europe's political, social, religious and economic structure and traditions?


View The Medici: God Fathers of the Renaissance

K: How accepted beliefs were challenged during the period

U: That the Medici family exemplify the merchant class' growth in power and influence  as well as promote emerging artists and  intellectuals


HW: Add relevant information from the documentary to the comparison chart, film questions and artist list provided in class.



Renaissance Love Songs

 Selection of Renaissance Music

Songs of the Troubadours  

Medieval and Renaissance Music Homepage

Online Scholarly Primary Sources Great sources here 


K: How humanism affected arts and literature in Italy in the 14th and 15th centuries.

U: Renaissance art is both religious and  humanist.

D: Identify cultural shift: Medieval vs. Renaissance Art

HW: Apply criteria of Humanistic evidence to paintings to determine their place in Renaissance history.



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Share painting and determine how the art of the period reflects the spirit of the Renaissance.


Study for Quiz: Humanism in Art, literature, and politics.

Humanism Power Point for review

Email painting - include artist, title, and date.

Choose a painting other than your own that intrigued you. Complete part 5 of "reading a painting" and share why you chose the piece.


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  1. Renaissance Quiz

Humanism in literature, politics and art

Research Links:

History Study Center -- (password: welcome)

Eye Witness to History

Euro Docs

Turning the Pages: Manuscripts

The Getty (Art Museum)

Labyrinth Links

UC Berkeley Library

Teacheroz (many renaissance links) renaissance related sources

Tudor England Primary Docs

Letter's written by Queen Elizabeth --

Tudor England

Michelangelo Great Site! 

Research Links


Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

The Scientific Revolution Docs

Scientific Revolution

Scientific Revolution Imagery

Greek - Galileo Science

Greek Science Resources

Medieval Science

From Homer to Vesalius (Great site)

Medieval Cosmology 



The Humanist Club: Project/Essay II

HW: Begin Résumé and bring 2 secondary sources to class with you Thursday (email them to yourself as well).

Reflection re-writes due Thursday

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Resume Due Tuesday - Please make sure you review the Guiding Questions and Rubric.

  20      Presidents Day 21  Resume due/Jigsaw group

HW: Letter of Recommendation

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Review Writing Requirements

Intro Protestant Reformation

  27 28 Letter of Recommendation Due