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Medieval Europe

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3 4  Structure and Growth of the Church in the High Middle Ages (1000-1250)

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Medieval art and  Architecture:

HW: Views Of Crusades

Power Point: The Rise of Feudalism: identify the social, economic, and political structure of the Middle Ages

Still confused by the feudal relationship? Secondary Source will help clarify.





The Crusades

Crusades Power Point


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Art: Painting and Illuminated Manuscripts: Medieval man's view of themselves and their world.









Science and Medicine: Is the term "Dark Ages" a misnomer?

Mid Term Review Sheet



The Church 18 19 20 21  Mid Terms 22 Mid Terms

 Medieval Sources

Middle English Dictionary

Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites


Medieval Source Book

Life in a Medieval Castlle

 Visual Tour of an Anglo Saxon Village in Britain

Manorial Language

Tales of the MiddleAges

Medieval Interactive 



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Plague: Cause and Effect

Significance of the Fourth Estate?

Out of the Darkness...  the long term significance of the rise of the merchant class Medieval Town Reading and Docs


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Intro Renaissance & Reformation