Review the following topics:

Art: What does the art reveal about medieval society and culture?

         Purpose and characteristics of medieval art - Medieval Art

         The Psalter: significance of the border -  Glimpses of Medieval Life: Luttrell Psalter at the BL

         Stain Glass

Education and Science: What's so dark about the "Dark Ages" anyway?

Class: Changing Class Systems/The rise of the Fourth Estate:

         Decline of Feudalism and the emerging merchant class: When, How and Why did this happen? Medieval Towns Docs

Religion:  The architectural and spiritual significance of the Cathedral in Western Europe.

         Identify key characteristics of the  Romanesque and  Gothic Cathedral

         Cathedral Power Point (stop at art slides) The Canterbury Cathedral

The Plague:

         Community, individual, scientific/medical, art and literary response to the plague

         Plagueís affect on religious practice and belief

         Social and economic effect on Western European society

         Plague Docs