Early - High Middle Ages Test

Understand that the Catholic Church dominated the lives of the people in Medieval Europe

To Know List:

  1. If you were to travel in a time machine to a peasant village during the sixth to the eighth century, what would life look like? daily occupations? family relationships? social hierarchy? women's roles? role of the church?
  2. How powerful were kings during the early middle ages? Lords? How did they gain power?
  3. What was the relationship between the warrior aristocracy and the peasantry in the feudal system of early Medieval Europe?
  4. How did the Catholic Church unite all of western European civilization in Medieval times? (Crusades)

  5. Describe Monastic life. Why would men (and women: cloisters) enter the monastery? Know the Benedictine rule and the role of the church in preserving literature/education.

  6. How is manorialism related to feudalism? (review the feudal structure)

  7. What did a medieval manor consist of?

  8. How would you characterize the role of women in the medieval Europe?

  9. Chivalry, courtly love, and marriage.

  10. What was the role of the medieval cathedral in the villages and towns of Europe?

  11. Identify two architectural characteristics of the Gothic Cathedral. How did they differ from Romanesque Churches? What do cathedrals symbolize?

  12. Church terms

  13. Crusades

  14. Chaucer/Canterbury Tales/Pilgrimage

  15. Review all documents!