Socratic Seminar Postponed due to shortened class period and general anxiety... However, you will still need to bring  at least 1 primary doc for each of your chosen categories (a minimum of 3 documents).

The following example provided for those who need further document use clarification - do not just print the docs provided and bring them in - you will need to justify how the documents support your claim at the beginig of class so find evidence that specifically supprts your position!

The Church politically imposed Christian ideals:

My argument: Used politics to control behavior, manipulated scripture to create and justify war in the name of God, encouraged religious intolerance.

Primary support:


The Church imposed ideals through Education: Controlled curriculum, student enrollment, used art and architecture to teach the illiterate and reinforce the ideals.

Remember: For the seminar as well as your essay you are required to use 2 primary documents for EACH top 2 support categories and 1 primary document for your last choice.