Western Humanities                                                           

Medieval Universities and Education                              

Directions:  Working in your group, analyze the documents images provided. 


Images 1 and 2:

  1. Based on what you see in these images, what is your perception of what life may have been like at a medieval university?










Images 3 and 4:

  1. How are medieval students portrayed?  In what ways do they look similar to students today?  In what ways are they different?











Documents 1 and 2:

  1. In Document 1, what comparisons does Daybell make between medieval and modern universities?



  1. Compare and contrast Daybellís description of the university curriculum with modern Western education (both in high school and in college). 


  1. In Document 2, what connections does Mullin make between the medieval guild system and the university system?




  1. According to Mullin, how are Gothic traditions still evident in modern colleges and universities?



Document 3:

  1. How do the difficulties faced by medieval students and parents compare with those of students and parents today?