WHA Unit III: The Emergence of the Modern West


Test 1: Birth of the Renaissance –Reformation


Know the following:



·         How the rise of the merchant class affected Western Europe's political, social, religious and economic structure and traditions.

·         Why Florence is considered the birth place of the Renaissance: Location, historical events, Medici dynasty

·         Italian Humanism vs. Christian Humanism: Compare and contrast; ID both in Literature/Art

·         Artists and their works: Leonardo di Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli; Brunelleschi

·         Church corruption and reform demands

·         Protestant Reformation:  characteristics and outcomes



  1. Trace developments (see above - 1st bullet)

  2. Geography (Review your map and Why Florence? assignment): Explain how place, movement, and human interaction aided in "birth" of the Renaissance.

  3. Compare/Contrast (see above)

  4. Review how to critically analyze literature and art – practice!

  5. Application: apply what you know about Church corruption to a given reform scenario