Western Humanities A


Unit III: The Emergence of the Modern West

Focus: The Scientific Revolution


Assignment: The Scientific Revolution in A History of Western Society (p. 595-605) linked. 



  1. Make a chart in your notes that lists the major accomplishments/discoveries of all of the scientists mentioned in the reading (Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Bacon & Descartes).   



Also, consider the following questions and respond with specific examples/evidence to support your claim. Please underline the examples used. (because you will start this in class, you may handwrite in your social studies notebook):


  1. What was "revolutionary" about the Scientific Revolution? 
  2. Since the Renaissance is still very much underway, how do these scientists fit in with the humanist trends established in Europe at this time? (individualism, classicism & secularism) Be specific!
  3. Why are many of these scientists and their new ideas considered threatening?  Do you think these fears are justified given the time and place?