Guiding Question:


“Conquered Greece has conquered the brute victor and brought her arts into rustic Latium” (Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit et artes intulit agresti Latio).


What is the major evidence behind the concept that the Roman poet Horace was proffering, and, ultimately, do you agree with his proclamation?


Horace’s Quote in Your Own Words:








Art & Architecture







Literature & Mythology







Government Structure & Practices







Is Horace correct? Weigh the evidence.


























Sample Outline


Introduction:  Set the stage for the reader.  You will want to remind the reader of the events surrounding the fall of the Greeks and the rise of the Roman Empire.  Your thesis will  come at the end of the introductory paragraph.


Stage Setting Info:



Body ¶ 1: This is where you will show that you understand the message and meaning behind the words from the philosopher Horace.  This is where you talk about specific aspects of Ancient Roman culture including art and architecture, literature and mythology, government structure and practices.


Topic Sentence:

Horace’s Thoughts Explained By You:

Aspects of Ancient Roman Culture:


Body ¶ 2: This is where you provide evidence for supporting or refuting Horace’s claim about Roman culture. You will choose a prominent aspect of culture as proof.


Topic Sentence:

Cultural Proof of Support of/Opposition to Horace:  


Body ¶ 3: This is where you will provide further evidence from the culture in your support or refutation of Horace’s claim.  You are choosing another aspect of culture for your proof in this paragraph.


Topic Sentence:

Cultural Proof of Support of/Opposition to Horace:


Conclusion:   In the conclusion, you will summarize your evidence being sure that the reader can only agree with your analysis.  You may wish to wrap up your paper by making a philosophical statement about empires.


Thesis Rehearsal:

Summary of Evidence/Analysis:

Philosophical Statement About Empires: