Power & Glory: Grasp of Empire


  1. At its height, the Roman Empire ruled over how many people?



  1. The narrator states “The games of the Coliseum were more than just violent entertainment, they were the very essence of “Roman-ness?” How so?





  1. In the early days of the Roman Empire, Rome strived to unify its vast population by granting Roman citizenship to conquered people. Many people were quite happy to be citizens of Rome because Roman culture had a lot to offer, such as:





  1. What was the secret behind Rome’s early success?





  1. Once Rome became a world power, “the rules of the game changed.” How so, what were they doing differently?





  1. What happened to the land of Roman peasant soldiers while they were away from home fighting for Rome? Why is this important?





  1. By the late 2nd century B.C. nearly one million people inhabited the city of Rome. The city imported all kinds of goods but had very few exports. The Roman Empire did, however, export “Roman-ness,” meaning:





  1. What was the ingredient that made Roman buildings so sturdy that some still exist today?





  1. Why were public arenas (for games) so important in Rome? What purpose did they play?


  1. Most gladiators were:




  1. If one put together all of the Roman roads, end to end, they would have circled the world twice. How many miles of roads did the Romans build?




  1. What was the greatest luxury that the Roman Empire brought to the common man?




  1. Aqueducts—how did they work? In other words, what did they use to their advantage to work in an effective manner?





  1. What does this well-known saying from Ancient Rome mean: “Every slave is an enemy we harbor.”





  1.  One in three inhabitants of the Roman Empire were slaves. How many millions of people was this?  




  1. Slaves led lives that were “nasty, short, and brutish.” Most had no hope of liberty—they had only one option:



  1. Where did the first (not the last!) slave revolt occur in the Roman Empire?  How long did it last?




  1. How did the slave King Eunus die?





  1. Starting in 106 CE, the Roman Empire ceases to expand. What are some of the challenges that the empire faces?