The Roman Empire
A day in the life of a Roman Citizen



Task: Research daily life in the Roman Empire during Pax Romana using primary documents and the web pages below. You will create an identity and write a journal entry, short story, play, or epic poem describing a typical day in your life in the Roman Empire. 



1.     Social class, gender, age, date, name, profession, etc

2.     Setting (city, province, baths, home,)

3.     Description of yourself as well as your day (will reflect your class, gender, setting)

4.     Create a portrait of yourself (cannot be computer generated)

5.     Minimum 1 page single space -  Due Friday


Day 1:

Social Classes in the Empire; Significance of public display Question: How did social structure change when the republic was replaced by the Empire? What was the significance of public display? Examples?


Day 2:

Research the Web sources linked below (you may conduct your own search as well - tons of info available)


Day 3:

Research Primary Documents.


Day 4:

Research/Begin writing


Day 5:

Writing (due with portrait Monday)




Web: You must cite least 5 of the pages listed below:



Primary Documents: You must cite at least two


Text: Chapter 4 (useful for general information about the Empire during Pax Romana)