Text pgs132-148

Imperial Rome Qs: Please word process your answers.


  1. How was Rome able to conquer and control Italy?



  1. Describe Rome’s relations with Greece and Asia Minor in the second century BCE. Was the objective security? Wealth? Power? Fame? Or all of the above? Why?



  1. Explain the clash between Rome and Carthage in the 1st and 2nd Punic Wars. Could war have been avoided?



  1. What problems were created by Rome’s victory over Carthage?



  1. List the social, political and economic problems plaguing Italy in the second century.



  1. What were the main proposals of Tiberious Gracchus? Why did they fail?



  1. What were the problems afflicting the Roman Republic in the last century? What caused them and how did Rome try to solve them?



  1. To what extent was the republic destroyed by ambitious generals who loved power more then they loved Rome itself?