Western Humanities A

September Calendar 2009

The Ancient World: Early Greece

Unit I: Foundation of Western Society

 Purpose: To recognize that modern western philosophy, politics, and religion is rooted in the traditions of ancient Greece and Rome.

Essential Question: What were Greece and Rome's most enduring contributions to Western civilization?


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Course Overview and Expectations




CT Standards Pre-Assessment: Literacy and Application





Ancient Greece Time Line


Minoan Art

Minoan Back ground Reading

Greece On line reference.


The Odyssey Illustrated Version






The Minoan Civilization

Power point :  Minoan and Mycenaean

HW: Take a position and support your claim using 3 pieces of evidence  from the lesson. Prompt: Of the two Archaic civlizations studied which do believe reflects modern western traditions?








  1. What are the Homeric Ideals?

How are the Homeric Ideals reflected in ancient Greek society?

  1.  The Odyssey Book IX:




  • Identify (highlight) the Greek values revealed.

HW: Geography and Values connection


Athens vs. Sparta Background information

Ancient and Classical Greece Power Point

Classical Age Time line

Greece overview PowerPoint

IAM map index

Philosopher Resource



  1. Geography and political development:
  • Why was no one city or ruler able to dominate Greece until the fourth century B.C.?
  • Development of the Polis
  • Athens vs. Sparta
  1. Critical Reading: Pericles on Athenian Democracy







Continue with Critical Reading

Athens vs. Sparta: How and why did life in Sparta differ from life in Athens?

Athens vs. Sparta


  • Complete Ancient Greece map and reading response 
  • Athens vs. Sparta




Part I:


  • Archaic Greece (Minoan vs. Mycenae)
  • Greek Ideals
  • Geography: Political and values connection; topography

Part II: Athens vs Sparta Group Venn Diagram

HW: The Allegory of the Cave Reading and notes

Read attached text and answer the question in a word doc.

Note: Those of you that were confused about the document due date can turn in your qs wed. without penalty. In the future, remember to hit refresh for the most recent version of the calendar.



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  1. Finish Venn Diagram and discuss major differences between Athens and Sparta.
  • Self Assess
  • Identify Minoan and Mycenaen characteristics found in Athens/Sparta - Why is this significant?
  • Identify modern western characteristics found in Athens/Sparta - Why is this significant?



 Cave Document Questions





How did Greek philosophers challenge conventional social and political values?

Discuss The Cave and the Big Three



  1. 1 page single spaced Cave Response
  2. Read the following in preparation for our first seminar


  • Prepare for Seminar on October 6th

Creation of Rome Power Point Source: Pima CC

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How did Greek art and sculpture set the standard for the ideal Western man?

Assignment: View powerpoint and answer the questiones.

Compelet the art analysis (last question on the power point).






Discuss: How did Greek art and sculpture set the standard for the ideal Western man?

Greek Theater: Question to consider: To what extent was theatrical performance and production the most enduring Greek Cultural Innovation?

Theater Power Point

Greek Theater Notes


HW Prepare for Seminar on October 6th