Western Humanities Honors December 2009


Medieval Europe


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Rome Test

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Power Point: The Rise of Feudalism: identify the social, economic, and political structure of the Middle Ages

Still confused by the feudal relationship? Secondary Source will help clarify.



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Begin Middle Ages

  • The Feudal System

HW: Feudal System Documents


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Middle Ages:

Social Order:

Political Structure:

John of Toul's Homage to the Count of Champagne


Add Count Thiebault's newly pledged vassal, Jocelyn d'Avelon and his feudal relationships to John of Toul's sub-infudiation chart.

The medium you use to present is your choice - in the past I have had posters, computer generated models, graphic novel story boards, action figures (seriously). However, Tradition graphic organizer/trace map is all that is required. 

The requirement: You must clearly illustrate the lord/vassal relationships based on the order in which John and  Thiebault owed loyalty to their lords. You will be assessed accuracy and quality of work (neat, easy to follow).




 Medieval Sources

Middle English Dictionary

Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites


Medieval Source Book

Life in a Medieval Castlle

 Visual Tour of an Anglo Saxon Village in Britain

Manorial Language

Tales of the MiddleAges

Medieval Interactive 




Middle Ages:

Share Feudal Obligation Charts

HW: Bring your notebook and review early middle ages: Feudalism/Manorialism





Middle Ages

Open Notebook Quiz


HW: Relax and Enjoy!



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