Athens and Sparta: A Comparison


Text: Chapter Two 48-56;  Ch 3: 76-86


Class Activity: Use the following chart below to explore the ancient cities of Athens and Sparta. Together with your partners you will  read through your assigned documents, put them in your own words and present your information (please record your findings in a word document) .  You will  computer generate  a Venn diagram (see examples) that compares the two cities and discuss how/why they developed this way. The secondary sources with questions will  aid in your translations of the documents -- you  must complete this portion individually.






Aristotle: Good wife

Aristotle: Spartan women


Plutarch: The Training of Children

Xenophon: Polity of the Spartans


Various reports on the origin of Athens

Pausanias: On the Spartan Origins Myth


Aristotle: The Athenian Constitution (excerpts)

Secondary Source on Constitution


Secondary Source

Secondary Source



Secondary sources with questions:

How did the Spartans respond to problems of over-population?
What were effects of prolonged warfare upon the Spartan people?
What were the roles of men and women in Spartan society?
How did Athenian democracy evolve? What was the role of the reformers in bringing about Athenian democracy: Solon, Pisistratus, Cleisthenes? Evolution of Athens
In what ways was Athenian democracy not democratic? 
What were its main faults?
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