CAPT Writing Rubric








Taking a Clear Position (Intro Paragraph)

May take a stand that addresses the problem; may be very brief or incoherent in places

May take a position; attempts a stand but fluctuates between positions, or issues

Takes a stand but doesn't clearly develop position

Takes and develops a position but lacks thorough understanding

Takes a clear and thoughtful position; may demonstrate   understanding of both sides of issue

Takes a clear and thoughtful position; usually demonstrates   understanding of both sides of the issue

Supporting Position with Accurate and Relevant Information

Little or no support from source materials; or emotional support only; or serious lack of understanding, inaccurate or irrelevant support;

Superficial support - 1 or 2 ideas, and ideas may be poorly developed, based on personal opinion, or logically inconsistent

Limited support with only a few ideas; most support based on personal opinion or background knowledge

Adequately supported but lacks thoroughness; some support may be based on background knowledge

Well supported using source materials but lacking depth of analysis

Position is richly supported with sophisticated analysis of source materials

Organization, Clarity and Fluency

Lacks focus; little or no organization; frequent digressions or abrupt shifts in ideas interfere with meaning; most ideas are difficult to follow and understand; lacks fluency and transitions

Usually stays on topic but lacks focus; digressions or abrupt shifts; many ideas are difficult to understand; lacks fluency

Shows some organization but may have some digressions or abrupt shifts; some ideas difficult to understand; displays some transition and fluency

Adequate organization ; some coherence; digressions, if present, are not disruptive; most ideas are clear; may lack fluency and transitions; lacking explicit connections to thesis

Well organized; digressions are rare; ideas are clearly expressed but may lack some fluency and polish; may not consistently connect to thesis

Focused, unified response; sustained organization; ideas are clearly and effectively developed; writing is fluent with effective transitions; consistently and explicitly connects to thesis

Audience and Tone

Little or no awareness of audience; inappropriate tone and/or word choice

Little, if any, awareness of audience; tone and word choice frequently inappropriate

Some awareness of audience and tone

Shows some awareness of audience; tone consistently appropriate

Shows sensitivity to audience; appropriate tone

Displays awareness of and develops connection audience