Was the pervasiveness of Christian ideals in medieval society a necessity or an imposition of the Church?


  1. You will argue, using both primary and secondary source materials as support, whether the pervasiveness of Christian ideals (the ideals were identifiable in every aspect of the lives of the individual as well as society itself) were necessary in medieval society or if the Church imposed (forced) their ideals on the individual and society to further their own gains.
  1. Determine position: necessity or imposition? Note: you must have an oppositional statement as well!


  1. Support your position using at least 2 primary documents from class (if you use a web source it must be credible - Medieval Source Book is your best choice) and 1 secondary source.
  2. Support your oppositional argument with at least 1 primary source and 1 secondary source.
  1. Seminar Materials will be noted as you use them. You must identify the source, offer evidence - quotes are best used but only if they clearly connect back to your position, and explain how it reinforces your position. This is not simple your opinion but an assertion supported by relevant/credible evidence.

You must participate at least twice to receive credit so plan to use multiple examples/supports for your claim in case someone else offers the same evidence or has a similar comment.