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Honors Western Civ 2008 Final Exam

Know all of the following – I will choose 4 of the themes/concepts for the final.

Review the following individuals, themes and concepts:

·         Be able to compare Humanist Philosophers/Scientists of the Enlightenment with the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle. Also – be sure to review Plato’s “Cave”.

·         Trace Christianity’s rise from minor cult to ruler of the western world to the Protestant Reformation.

·         Be able to discuss how Medieval, Renaissance, and Mannerism art reflect the PERSIA of the time period. You must have knowledge of one piece from each genre.

·         Review the political and economic systems of Medieval Europe – be able to compare the Early/High/Late Middle Ages and discuss how/why the systems evolved.

·         The Bubonic Plague generates a paradigm shift from Medieval to Renaissance Europe.

·         Greek Ideal vs. Renaissance Man using specific examples. (Homer, Socrates, Pericles…; Medici, Luther, Di Vinci …)

·         Women’s roles/influence from Classics to the Enlightenment. Significance of the Salon.

·         Know how The School Of Athens, Raphael (1483-1520) supports the claim that Ancient Greek society provided the ideological and political foundation for modern Western society. Be able to identify and discuss three philosophers depicted in the painting.

·         What is the best form of government? How would Hobbs answer this question? What would be Voltaire’s response?

·         Trace the evolution of government from the Classics (Polis – Alexander; monarchy-republic-empire) the Middle Ages (Feudalism/Manorialism) through the Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment (Monarchy – Absolutism – Republic).

·         Of the Enlightened thinkers studied in class, which had the greatest impact on democracy? Why?