Social Studies Department Midterm Examination                    Name _______



Western Humanities H

Mrs. Mercurio-Pataky




   Read all of the directions carefully.

   Do not talk or communicate in any way with classmates until all exams have been submitted.  Failure to comply with this request will result in a minimum deduction of five points on the exam.

   Do not navigate away from the allowed sites. Failure to comply will result in a zero on your midterm exam.




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Total points earned on Part One                                           __________ / 25


Total points earned on Part Two                                           __________ / 15


Total points earned on Part Three                                        __________ / 20


Total points earned on Parts Four                                         __________ / 40



Numerical grade / Letter grade:                                                            __________ / 100


















Part I:  People, Events, Concepts and Culture


CSS Standard I: HS-3HS demonstrate an understanding of significant events and themes in world history



  1. How would the following historical figures respond to the question: Who is western man? Construct 3-4 complete sentences (for each) using evidence from the units to justify your response.





  Alaric, King of the Visogoths


  1. How do the following demonstrate the evolution of the Greek Hero? What does this reveal about western man? Construct 3-4 complete sentences (for each) using evidence from the units to justify your response.


  Homeric Ideals

  Persian Wars

  Socrates Trial

  Alexander the Great


  1. Defend or oppose the following statement using accurate and relevant evidence from the course: Athenian democracy was more democratic than the Roman republic.


  1. What do Antigone and Perpetua have in common?  How and why are they vital for our understanding of who is western man?  Construct 5-7 complete sentences using relevant evidence from the units to justify your response.


  1. If we were studying Roman history as Tunisians (Carthaginians) rather than as Americans, how would Cato the Elder be viewed? Construct 5-7 complete sentences using relevant evidence from the units to justify your response













Part II: Geography


CSS Standard II: Literacy Skills 2 interpret information from a variety of primary and secondary sources (maps, charts, graphs, images, and print materials)


Short Answer: 5-7 well supported sentences with analysis and synthesis of data provided/units studied.


  1. Based on your knowledge of the diverse political development of the (Poleis), what does the data represented in the maps (use the last map on the time line) 0suggest about philosophical and scientific intellectualism of the Greek world of city-states?  What can be determined about the culture of Greece by tracing the development of poets, historians and other literary figures throughout this same city-state world and following their pattern of travel?



  1. Romanization Case Study: Gaul


  What do the maps suggest about roman values and the modern European identity? How and why did you come to this conclusion?



3.      Apply what you have learned about the affects of Geography on the development of Greece and Rome to the following images of medieval Europe to write a well-developed paragraph foretelling the ideals of the Middle Ages using the images below as evidence to support your claim.


  The Germanic Kingdoms and the East Roman Empire 486


  Manor Layout

  Manor image

  Trade Routes




Part III: The Arts


CSS Standard I: H-3-HS Explain how the arts, architecture, music, and literature of a civilization/nation reflect its culture and history.



A-D: How does this work mirror the society in which it was created?  You must identify the period from which they come and explain how you know they were created during that time (what was going on historically) Use SPECIFIC EXAMPLES.

E-G: Place each quote in a historical context and give a detailed explanation of what the quote reveals about the social/political/cultural practice of the time. Also, discuss how the quote represents a dramatic cultural shift away from the political practices immediately before and after these observations.


Part IV: Religion

CSS Standard III: 3-1-HS Use evidence to assess the role of tradition and custom on an individuals or groups choices/decisions.


Formal Essay


Reflect on the Poet Horaces claim that Greece conquered her rude Roman Conquers and  closely examine the images linked. Using your knowledge of Greco-Roman cultural diffusion and analysis of  images linked, predict how Christianity is able to convert the Pagan Empire, subvert the power of the Emperors and emerge as the most powerful economic, political and cultural force in the West from the 8th through the 15th century.