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Just the Facts:  The Reformation


As you watch the film, answer the following questions.



How was the Reformation both necessary and advantageous for the Roman Catholic Church?




How had popes transformed over 1000 years since the birth of Catholicism?




Describe the “financial aspect” of the Reformation.  What role did Tetzel play in this?





How did the Church deal with its critics?  Use specific names/examples.






What role did the printing press play in the Reformation?





Why is it said that Erasmus “laid the egg that Luther hatched?”





What was the purpose of Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy in England?





What role did the Catholic Church play in the Counter-Reformation?





Do you think it was the intention of reformers like Martin Luther to create a completely new church, separate from the Catholic Church?





Recall that Luther was raised a Catholic and became a monk.  What could Pope Leo X have done to prevent Luther’s eventual split from the Catholic Church?



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Complete the following graphic organizer:


Causes of the Reformation


Text Box: The Protestant Reformation




















Effects of the Reformation