Geography & the Greek Ideals

How did the geography of Greece contribute to its development as a society?







Copy/paste the images and responses below and keep in your binder

1. For each of the sources below, construct a well-written paragraph explaining how you think each may have contributed to the four ideals listed above becoming the cornerstone values of Greek society.  Your paragraphs should include a brief recap of what each of the Ideals means.  Each of the images has some questions that may help guide you in your thinking.  There is no "right" answer, so if you think that one of the sources contributed to more than one of the Greek Ideals, say so!


2. Examine the sources below and determine why no one city or ruler was able to dominate Greece until the fourth century B.C.


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Image I Ideal:   Image II Ideal

Pay particular attention to the location of the Greek cities.  What do you notice?


What do you see?
How could this affect the development of a society?

Image III



Image IV


There is not much farmable land on the mainland of Greece. What impact would this have?


Greece is a nation of water in many ways. What kinds of water forms do you see? What kinds do you not see? How might this affect Greek society?

Image V



Image VI


How would the geographical features evident here affect what skills would be important to the Ancient Greeks?


How does this picture help to explain what the Greeks would find important? What uses can all of that water serve?  Think about everything that would have to happen for what is going on to take place.








 Adapted from: Ms Coccia, SHS History Dept.