The Roman Empire: How long will it last?


Title of Reading


What does this mean for the Roman Empire?

Political Factors

Galgacus: On Roman Imperialism








Herodian of Syria



Egypt under the Roman Empire








Tacitus: The Principle of Adoption



Social Factors

Ammianus Marcellinus



Procopius: The Plague







Social Factors

Pliny the Elder







The Manner of Roman Charity







Economic Factors

How a Faithful Slave Should Act








Diodorus Siculus, Library








Appian: The Civil Wars








Militaristic Factors

Edward Gibbon: General Observation







Militaristic Factors

Seneca: Epistles 7: The Gladiatorial Games








Petition of the Araguenians on Official & Military Extortion









Josephus: The Roman Army in the First Century










Religious Factors

Eusebius: The Conversion of Constantine









Diocletian: Edicts Against the Christians









Religious Factors

Galerius and Constantine: Edicts of Toleration



Cato, ‘On Agriculture’



Outside Forces

Jordanese: History of the Goths



Julius Caesar: The Germans



Jordanes: An Account of the Person of Attila



Leo I and Attila: Prosper: Account 1