Map Requirements

How you will be evaluated:

Accuracy: all elements of the map need to be accurate and match the color codes in the legend of the map.

Completion: all elements required are included on the map (title, labels, legend).

Neatness: I can read the content of the map clearly and the work is of high quality (e.g., shading remains inside proper borders and is going in the same direction, there are no scratch-outs, labels are clearly visible through shading and letters are formed clearly.)

Spelling and capitalization: there are no misspellings and all dates, labels, and legends are written according to the rules of capitalization.

Following rules 1-10 below!

These rules should be followed each time a map is assigned:

1.      Shade or color the map completely using map/colored pencils.  Minus five points for not following this direction.


2.      When shading countries for a political map, do not use the same colors for adjoining countries.


3.      Create a key.  Examples of items to be included in a map key are: landforms, water, symbols for cities, etc.  Minus five points for no key or an incorrect key.


4.      All mountains should either be shaded completely in brown or you may draw in brown ^^^^.  Be sure to draw in the complete range of the mountains


5.      Blue is reserved for water.  Draw Rivers in the appropriate position on your map, making sure that you have drawn in the complete river.  Shade all bodies of water in blue pencil.


6.      Shade in all other landforms that need to be labeled.  Keep like landforms with like colors (i.e., plains in yellow, or basins in orange, etc.).  Be sure to draw in the complete extent of the landforms.


7.      If there is any blank space on your map, choose a neutral color to finish shading/coloring.


8.      Label neatly in blue or black ink, horizontally on the map.  Label in small, neat print.  Straight line labeling is permitted when areas are small.  When labeling landforms and waterways, label following the direction of the landform if labeling horizontally is not practical.  Minus five points for not labeling in blue or black ink.


9.      If labeling cities, remember to place them accurately on the map.


10.   Spelling and capitalization count!!  Minus one point for each misspelled word or for words not capitalized