Unit I Socratic Seminar  


Guiding Question: What is the most enduring aspect of ancient Greek culture? 

Consider: what aspect of ancient Greek culture best represents the essence of Greece ?


The argument can be made that the ancient Greeks created western culture.  The Classical Period of ancient Greece (c. 500-300 BCE) was when Greek culture reached its peak and was pre-eminent in the Mediterranean world. Your job with this assignment is to find what you believe to be the most enduring aspect of ancient Greek society or the “essence” of Greek society.



So, what is the most enduring aspect of ancient Greek culture? 



Your Tasks:


ü      Determine your answer to the guiding question and use material from unit one to support your answer: Be sure to choose one aspect from Greece to represent your idea. Review the other choices from the point of view of your arguement - have information/examples proving why they ARE NOT the most enduring in comparison to your choice.


ü  You will explain to the group why the value you chose is more important than another aspect of society and be prepared to defend against all other aspects.


ü  Provide ample (at least 5) and specific evidence from class notes, homework and readings - bring to class for reference as this is not about your opinion but your claim based upon relevant, accurate support.







Adapted from M.Coccia's Western Humanities Ancient Greece Lesson Plans