Indian Removal Map Activity

Honors United States History


Part I:

Background:  This map covers the years from 1830-1842 and shows the forced removal of Native tribes from the Southern and Western parts of the early United States.      


Task: Please complete the following:


            I. Label the following bodies of water and shade them the color blue.

                        1. Atlantic Ocean                                            4. Lake Erie

                        2. Gulf of Mexico                                              5. Lake Michigan

                        3. Mississippi River


II. Label the following states by printing in black but do not color them.

            1. Missouri                                                      11. Arkansas

            2. Louisiana                                                    12. Mississippi

            3. Alabama                                                      13. Florida

            4. Georgia                                                        14. South Carolina

            5. North Carolina                                            15. Tennessee

            6. Illinois                                                         16. Indiana     

            7. Ohio                                                             17. Kentucky

            8. Virginia                                                       18. Maryland

            9. Delaware                                                     19. Pennsylvania

            10. New Jersey                                                20. New York


III. Label where the following Native nations lived before 1830 – use a different color for each.

            1. Seminole                                                     6. Miami

            2. Creek                                                           7. Choctaw

            3. Cherokee                                                     8. Chickasaw

            4. Shawnee                                                     9. Ottawa

            5. Sauk                                                            10. Fox


IV. Shade the area given to Native nations with their respective colors and label it “Indian Territory.”


V. Using arrows, show the routes taken by the Native nations when they moved to the West


VI. Why did Congress choose the specific site that they did for the Indian Territory?


Part II:


Background: Federal Indian policy during the period from 1870 to 1900 marked a departure from earlier policies that were dominated by removal, treaties, reservations, and even war. The new policy focused specifically on breaking up reservations by granting land allotments to individual Native Americans. Very sincere individuals reasoned that if a person adopted white clothing and ways, and was responsible for his own farm, he would gradually drop his Indianess and be assimilated into the population. Then there would be no more necessity for the government to oversee Indian welfare in the paternalistic way it had been obligated to do, or provide meagre annuities that seemed to keep the Indian in a subservient and poverty stricken position.


Map II: The Dawes Act; Indian Territory (Oklahoma) 1885 and 1891