HUSH December 2011






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  5 6  Patriot Act Discussion: Bring all docs, cases, and HW questions to class.

HW: Revise Essay

7 8 Writing Workshop: Review Intro/thesis/support

Individual Conferences

Unit Reflection: Begin orginizing materials and preparing to write

HW: Reflection Outline - you must turn this in with the reflection that will be written in class on Monday.


  12 Revisions Due Today

Unit Reflection


13 14 Begin Unit II:

Promoting the Ideal

US Theme II: Promoting the American Ideal

Westward Expansion Essential Question: How will cultural misunderstanding impede the promotion of the American ideals?

  • The Narcirema: Highlight cultural differences that could conflict with the Americans who encounter the Nacirema and discuss why.

HW: Zinn Chapter 7: As long as Grass Grows and water Runs

Zinn Questions Due Monday



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Zinn Questions Due

Socratic Seminar


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Computer Lab for Guidance Presentation

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