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Writing Component:

The practice of writing skills is necessary all areas of education. For this reason, in addition to the historical content the course will emphasize analyzing and interpretation of historical documents, assessing the validity of historical propositions and building an effective argument

Course Evaluations  will vary depending on assignment. Be prepared for Unannounced reading Quizzes!

Required Materials:


Grading Policy: A total point system will be used and points will vary by assignment. Quizzes will be given throughout the semester and will be based on homework: vocabulary, map assignments, supplementary readings, etc. I may or may not announce the quiz so always be prepared to have one! As your writing becomes more proficient the point value of Essays will increase: September -November 40 points; December - February 70 points; March - June 100 points.


This class observes the LHS Student Code of Conduct adopted by the high school. Make sure to read the student handbook regarding tardies, referrals, attendance and other polices related to the code of conduct.


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