United States History Academic

      Theme I: Establishing the American Ideal

Purpose: To recognize that the Enlightenment philosophy and Revolution are the foundation for the American Ideal.

Essential Question: Was the American Revolution Justified?

September 2011

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Base-line Assessment


No School




Review Enlightenment Philosophers


8 9

Enlightenment Activity

Finish for HW

Resources for Identifying Regional differences

Southern Colonies

Middle Colonies

New England


Map Resource and Colony background info





  1. Review Enlightenment Activity: What did you learn about the influence of the philosoph on colonial America?
  2. Fundamental Orders






Due: Fundamental Orders for those who did not complete in class.


  1. Review political significance of the Fundamental orders: How were early American governments were influenced by Enlightenment ideals?
  2. Overview of Colonial Settlements
  3. Map Activity


HW: Finish your map and read The French and Indian War and Reversal of Salutary Neglect doc background info - we will do the activity in class. Expect reading quiz/homework check!


  19  The French and Indian War and Reversal of Salutary Neglect

2011 Activity

No Homework

20   21  Road to Revolution

 Why did the British hang around after the French Indian War??

  • Reversal of Salutary Neglect: tax time!
  1. The Stamp Act:
  2. Stamp Act Congress

Compare British/Colonial POV

Know: political/social/economic events that led to revolution (1763-1776)

Understand that the reversal of salutary neglect created resentment toward the crown, resulting in community organizing/protest against against British laws.

HW: Was great Britain Justified in taxing the colonies? Why/Why not? Include Salutary Neglect, Proclamation Line and Stamp Act


22 23


Just War Theory

Was the American Revolution Justified?











  1. Discuss Just War
  2. Use of Propaganda: identify purpose, audience and bias in the following documents:

Read Locke Excerpt

What is the role of government?

What is the role of citizens?

Read and high light Thomas Paine's Common Sense answer qs 1-4

James Chalmers' Plain Truth What was the loyalist vision of colonial America? What if the British had won the war?

Finish for HW


28 29

Loyalist vs Patriot point of view continued

  • Activity: Loyalist or Patriot?

Finish class work  and  review for quiz on Monday:

  • Philosophers and their influence
  • Colonial Settlement (who would live where and why)
  • Fundamental Orders
  • Salutary Neglect
  • French Indian War and Proclamation Line
  • Political and economic Effects of Proclamation Line.
  • Committee of Correspondence
  • Stamp Act Resolves
  • Stamp Act, Tea Act, Quartering Act, Intolerable Acts
  • Loyalist/Patriot
  • Thomas Paine/James Chalmers