"Right Makes Might"

Abraham Lincoln 1860

Eyes on the Prize: The Civil Rights Movement

Know the historical significance of the following major events of the Civil Rights Movement:

1 Emmett Till's Murder
2 The Montgomery Bus Boycott
3 Southern School Desegregation
4 Non-Violent Protests
5 The Freedom Rides
6 The Limits of Non-Violence
7 Project "C" in Birmingham
8 The March on Washington
9 Freedom Summer
10 The Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery, AL
11 The Nation of Islam and Malcolm X
12 Chicago Freedom Movement
13 Riots in Detroit
14 "Power to the People"
15 Poor People's Campaign
16 Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement
17 The Black Panther Party
18 The Attica Prison Riot
19 Blacks Define Themselves