Viewing questions for Founding Brothers a More Perfect Union


1.      Describe the advantages (geographic, political, social, etc) the young nation had at the time of its birth:

2.      Describe the disadvantages (political, social, etc) the young nation had:

3.      Explain the conflict between individualistic and collectivistic notions of what the Declaration and the Revolution meant:

4.      Identify four reasons why the founding generation was able to set up such a successful and enduring political order:

5.      What agreement was reached between Hamilton and Madison at Jefferson’s dinner party? How did that occur? Why was it significant?

6.      Describe the Northern and Southern positions on slavery before and during the Constitutional Convention:

7.      Why was the slavery question impossible to totally resolve at the Constitutional Convention? How did they decide to handle it?

8.      How would you characterize Washington’s presidency?

9.      What are the main themes of Washington’s Farewell Address?

10.  Contrast John Adams with Thomas Jefferson and explain why they fell out:

11.  Why did John Adams and Thomas Jefferson reunite?

12.  In our political era, compromise seems a lost art. Explain an example of how the men of this revolutionary generation compromised in order to resolve a serious dispute:

13.  What has fundamentally changed about the nature of politics between then and now? Be specific in your explanation.

14.  What has fundamentally remained unchanged about the nature of politics between then and now? Be specific.

15.  The founding generation seemed aware that history would be watching them. What evidence can you see of this? Did this sense have positive or negative effects, do you think?