Response format: 3 well written, concise paragraphs (single spaced)  -  Must be word processed!

Local History Reading response:

What information about the history of Litchfield did you find to be most interesting? Surprising? Why?



How does the James Little source demonstrate the social, economic, cultural, and political impact of the American Revolution on the colonists in Litchfield and the surrounding towns?




Briefly describe the British military prison little where Little was detained and discuss what this reveals about the English perspective of the “rebellion” and why the British did not refer to colonists as revolutionaries but as rebels.



The revolutionary war veteran pension due to soldiers at the end of their service was not received until 1818 when authorized by an Act of Congress. What does this suggest about the political and economic condition of our newly formed government?  Given what you have learned about the 18th century, predict how citizens will respond to this treatment.



Bonus: Calculate how many miles James Little walked throughout the course of his enlistment keeping in mind that he was 16 when he first joined!  Your thoughts?