United States History Honors – Theme I Establishing the American Ideal

THE ROAD TO REVOLUTION: Salutary Neglect to Tyranny

How did the relationship between the American colonies and Great Britain transform from friendly trade partners to adversarial, warring factions?

Working with a partner you will examine a specific event in order to determine the following:

Events:  Please highlight the event you were assigned

Proclamation of  (1763)

Committees of Correspondence (1764)

Declaratory Act (1766)

Townshend Act (1767)

Boston Massacre (1770)

Gaspee Incident (1772)

Tea Act (1773)

Boston Tea Party (1773)

Coercive (“Intolerable”) Acts (1774)

Quebec Act (1774)

First Continental Congress (1774)

Lexington and Concord (1775)