Creating a Journal or Scrapbook


Journal Requirements:

  1. You will create a Journal or Scrapbook  with the following components:
    1. Cover Page (This is simply the introduction to your topic and the position you are taking it can be in the form of a reflection, a letter, an entry etc.)
    2. Four historical events relevant to the time period and your topic must be included.  They can be about any significant event, trend or development during that time period.
    3. Entries can be typed or hand written and must have some perspective of time.
    4. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Include a properly formatted bibliography at the end of your journal.
    5. You must have at least 8 sources all Primary!


2.     Four-Six supplementary pieces to the journal.

Pieces should combine your historical knowledge with your imagination. Each should be tailored to your journal/scrapbook position.




         Newspaper Clippings



You must have a clear position driving the Journal/Scrapbook and it must be supported with evidence found in your entries and supplementary pieces.

Grading Standards and Due Dates

General Guidelines


1.      Position clearly stated.

2.      Accuracy in reporting.

3.      Accounts that are rich in detail, factual evidence, and that are interesting to read. The person who reads your journal/scrapbook should learn much about the era!


1.      Imagination and creativity, both in writing and presentation

2.      Well-written entries including proper grammar and spelling. Use rich details in a logical order.

3.      A neat, professional, aesthetically pleasing journal/scrapbook that is consistent with the genre you have chosen.

Point Values:

100 points

50 points for your Entries: Graded on quality of research, writing and analysis. Entries must be appropriate to the time period, support your position, and interesting to read.  Article must fit the style of the time period and genre chosen

20 points for each supplementary piece: Quality of artwork or writing is essential. Appropriate analysis of the time period should be evident in each piece. Each piece must fit the genre chosen and support your position.

30 points for overall Journal/Scrapbook grade: How well do the entries fit together? Does the Journal/Scrap book feel authentic?  Did you support you position throughout?

Due Date:  May 5th