Writing Portfolio Self Assessment / Reflection

  1. Arranging all your works of writing from most to least effective, including all evidence of the writing process (rewrites) behind each final draft.  Take-home essays and in class writing should be filed separately.


  1. Reflect on your two best works take-home essays, and answer the following questions on a separate sheet(s) of paper for each work. Do the same for in class essays/writing.
    1. What makes this your best (second best) work?
    2. How did you go about writing it?
    3. What problems did you encounter?
    4. How did you solve them?
    5. What goals did you set for yourself?
    6. How did you go about accomplishing them?

Place this evaluation of your process and product in front of each final draft when completed.

  1. Answer the following questions and place at the front of your portfolio.

1.      What makes your most effective work different from your least effective work?

2.      How, specifically, has your writing improved in the following areas since our first essay? Why? (Strategies applied, etc.)

        Development of your thesis  

        Organization of your essay

        Support, analysis and synthesis 

        Address to your intended audience (formal vs. colloquial writing) 

       Transitions and formation of your paragraphs and sentences                                     

3.      What are your goals for future writing (i.e. our final essay)?